Social Media Blogs That You Need To Know About In 2020

Of course, social media marketing is a changing medium. Whether it keeps up to date with new developments in social media, such as new media features or new algorithms, or whether it is keeping itself abreast of new social media strategies and emerging statistics and data, digital marketers and Business Owners need to be constantly updated and educate themselves.

And the best way to do it? By reading the best religious blogs and news sources.

Social media today

Another top social marketing blog that should be bookmarked is Social Media Today. This hugely popular blog is an impressive library of social media marketing content, whether it’s news or hints.

The blog relies on a large network of regular contributors who publish content on any and all social media topics you think of.

One of the main reasons why this source of digital marketing is such a great resource is that they are constantly reporting on the latest news and developments in social media so that you can stay close to the latest features, algorithms, and releases that You need. Learn what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

 lists of useful social media marketing tools that can help you implement your strategy more efficiently, and experts, and experience. 

Convince and change

Converse & Convert is a content marketing blog – and the most popular of its kind – but it also hosts some of the best content in social media marketing. Written by founder J. Beer and other top social media experts, his social media marketing blog regularly offers new content, which focuses on the importance of guides, useful tips, case studies, Feedback pieces, and useful tools.

While beginners can certainly learn a lot from this blog, it is best for those who already have some experience with social media marketing. Initially, not so many articles were written specifically – their articles are usually about very specific topics that require some current knowledge and experience with marketing such as an influence. How to make a marketing agreement that protects you and how to take advantage of different psychological strategies. As part of your Best social media campaigns and strategies.

To draw conclusions

Digital marketing in general – and social media in particular – requires constant learning and self-development. It’s not just about changing the Facebook algorithm or updating news like new forms of social content but also about knowing which tools you should use, which strategy works best. 

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05 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook Business Page

You press hard to find such a business. Will be inserted which does not show the value of having a page on Facebook (more than 60 million businesses already have Facebook pages).
A Facebook page lets you tell your brand story, build relationships with customers and meet business goals – it’s a win-win situation.
Here, we’ll take a look at 05  ways you can engage with your Facebook business page, without wasting any time.

1. Post local videos directly to Facebook

Instead of posting your content on YouTube, try posting it on Facebook.
When you post from Facebook by default, the video will automatically start playing as soon as your followers scroll through its feed – it will catch their eye and before they have it But if they have time to think, they are watching.

Keeping the video short is the key here.
The busiest Facebook videos are 30 seconds to two minutes long, with an ideal length of 60 to 90 seconds.
With that in mind, keep your videos to 2 minutes or less.

2. Improve your videos and create video playlists

Whenever you post a video, make sure to include a keyword-filled title and description, and add tags to your video – this will increase the likelihood of relevant video feeds appearing across Facebook. Will
Then, when you start collecting a collection of SEO-rich, local Facebook videos, add them to the playlist.
That way, more related videos will be shown to the user after they first watch the video.
Another way to get more engagement and video feedback is to feature video.
When you choose to highlight a video, it will bill at the top of your Facebook page.

 Improve your videos and create video playlists

3. Go straight

Scratch your videos directly.
Whenever you go live, your video moves to the top of your followers’ Facebook News Feed.
At the top of it, people who have frequently or recently interacted with your page will receive a notification telling them they are alive!

In addition to adding news feeds, there is a recipe for engaging in these notifications!
After your live broadcast, this video will appear on your Facebook page.
You can then continue promoting it, embedding it on your site, or sharing it on other social networks.

4.Facebook. Check out Facebook Insights for the data you can use

Social media strategies are never the same size.
Check your Facebook Insights once a month and note the content that your audience was most engaged with.

Facebook. Check out Facebook Insights for the data you can use

Note not only the article but also the format.
Use this information to guide your ongoing Facebook strategy.
This is a clear indication of what your unique audience wants – work to create more content along similar lines.

5. Publish special content

Another way to get your followers to pay attention to your Facebook feed is to offer content that is exclusive to Facebook.
For example, you can post special discounts on Facebook before publishing on your website or release data from an upcoming case study or white paper before it’s published on your website.

5. Publish special content

Make your Facebook posts count by sharing exclusive content users won’t find anywhere else. Publicize flash sales, special discounts, contests, etc.

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What Is A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?

Before we can begin to answer this question, we need to make sure that one thing is clear: what are digital marketing services?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all kinds of activity that is done online to promote your brand, or drive sales. Any company that wants to reach an audience these days needs a digital presence.

The world has gone digital, and traditional marketing methods are no longer as efficient and effective as in previous years. And the more time goes by, the clearer it becomes.

Nowadays, thanks to the introduction and constant development of smartphones, everyone is on their phone. Just a few years ago, most of the online activity was done with laptops and stand-alone computers.

Today, it is possible to type two words into a search engine to get an immediate answer.

Do you need to get closer?

So, are you one click away from people looking for people? Well, it all depends on how good your online presence is, and not just one factor but many factors as well.

From the quality and ranking of your website, to your social media game, to your budget control over paid advertising.

Now to handle all these different channels, there are two ways you can go about it.

You can either hire a full-service digital marketing agency, or
You can hire several odd agencies.

But the question is, what is the better option?

To answer this question, we need to look at what two different methods can offer.

Hiring Multiple Niche Agencies

What is a Niche Agency?

As the term implies, a niche agency is one that focuses entirely on one area.

For example, one agency will be able to handle the design and development of your website, another is your search engine optimization and search engine marketing, another will be writing your content; Forget the part that becomes even more complicated.

Some odd agencies will focus on just one platform, and not on social media. So you might have an agency that handles your Twitter account, another one that focuses on your Instagram account and another that lists your Facebook account.

However, the details are important, when the needs of a company are not limited to one or two services, but are open to many different companies, it will be difficult. You need to keep in touch with all the digital marketing agencies, and remember – there is no communication between them.

For example, a business’ Instagram account will be handled by one agency, and a Facebook page will be handled by another agency. Now, if it can be useful in terms of specification and personalization, on the other hand, it can be consistent and consistent.

What do we mean by this?

Easy! If you want to promote an upcoming program or product, if an agency is responsible for handling both accounts as well as other channels and the website itself, easily promote that product or event across all channels simultaneously. Can be given, along with the channels they also cross. Another, for example: Sharing an Instagram post on Facebook.

On the other hand, with odd digital marketing agencies, sharing is limited to one particular channel. And in terms of consistency, it will be your job and duty to advise each company to post about that particular product or event on their specific channels.

Now here is a post and one thing. But if you are the kind of company where you need constant contact with your agency, they have to provide content or you are asked to do a certain job, then you can manage different agencies at the same time. May not be the ideal option for

Needless to say, make sure your brand voice is heard in all these different channels! While odd agencies will be well aware of how to address the audience of a particular media network, on the other hand, you run the risk that your brand’s voice varies from channel to channel. ۔

Social Media On the one hand, imagine designing your website through an agency, but the content writing and search engine optimization has been done by another agency.

Full Service Digital Marketing

First of all, a lot of people have access to your website. This is not a very ideal situation – if something is going to happen, where do you start? Second, website design and development play an important role in SEO – and as such, changes to the website can help or hinder SEO.

In a full service digital marketing agency, this will not be a problem at all, as the departments are communicating easily with each other. However, when you cross agencies, it’s a very different story. In this case, you will need multiple employees to be responsible for staying in touch and creating communication between them.

So, most importantly, unless your business is particularly focused on a particular aspect of your online presence, you may be better off considering hiring full-service digital marketing agencies.

Hiring a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

What is a full service digital marketing agency?

A full service digital marketing agency manages all aspects of a company’s online presence. This type of agency will have different departments that are focused on one area, for example, design, website development, content writing, social media management, SEO, and a department for SEM.

Therefore, the agency’s goal is to develop a comprehensive strategy for a company, through which they can define their KPIs, and evaluate how each department can help achieve that goal.

For example, a startup company will first need an eye-catching, user-friendly and mobile-friendly design for a website that will be handled by UX and the design team, then the website will be developed, while Preparations are underway for the SEO and content writing departments, as well as the SEM department.

Social media channels launch strategies in coordination with other departments.

Full Service Digital Marketing

So, “full service” is exactly what it involves. A comprehensive strategy, consisting of these sub-strategies by region. Your company will benefit:
• A content strategy
• An SEO strategy
• An SEM strategy
• A Social Media strategy

And best of all, you get all the digital marketing services in one place. No problem No worries.

Niche or Full Service Digital Agency?

Needless to say, only you can see what is best for your company, and the first step you must take to decide this is to sit down and set your company’s goals Think about it carefully.

What is your top priority? What kind of business are you doing? What would a business like yours need to have a digital presence?

Of course, odd agencies are good for some reason. She lives and breathes in her specific work area. If 90% of your audience lives on a particular network, Facebook says, then hiring a niche agency might be a good thing for you.

If you want your brand to go viral, be present and accessible through multiple channels at once, whether, through organic or paid search, email marketing, or various social media platforms, Your best option would be a full service digital agency Network serves fresh news, creative work and great blog posts from the prominent digital agencies, every day. Have a look at the DAN directory to explore the best digital marketing agencies in the world!

Now if you are looking for best digital marketing services that help to grow your business visit

Digital Marketing

The Future of SEO: What SEO & Marketing Pros Need to Understand

SEO professionals now need to become storytellers and professional marketers who can not only develop search strategies, but also communicate and sell a brand online.
The digital message should meet the mindset and intent of the user, and what the searcher seeks when creating brand awareness in the long run.

To succeed in the future of SEO: What SEO & Marketing Pros Need to Understand, you’ll need to think like a machine, understand customers and provide the best brand and web experience.

It’s no secret that the SEO and game business is changing rapidly. People who stick to the old SEO mentality that more links will win and keyword volume will all fail.
You can no longer rely on Google or popular website blogs to tell you how to optimize a website.
Just thinking about SEO & Marketing , link building is the biggest myth of all, and has been an old strategy since 2009.

To win inSEO & Marketing , marketers will need collaboration, creativity, and new thinking to design sustainable SEO strategies that can:

  • Extend media operations.
  • Drive organic traffic to the website.
  • Understanding the user will be the key to success. It will be a challenge for them to stay on the page and find the website.
The Future of SEO: What SEO & Marketing Pros Need to Understand

SEO is changing. Anyone working in the online space needs to consider how they can be more creative with the strategy and work collaboratively to improve websites and increase long-term user engagement. Are
SEO has changed. The interplay of SEO & Marketing , technology, human behavior, media, machine, and mindset will change the game of SEO and online marketing.

What does this mean for the SEO Marketing profession?

SEO professionals need to be intuitive in getting the right kind of user the right content, easily digestible and impressive.

  • Marketers need:
  • Ask about the user experience.
  • Evaluate the target audience.
  • Consider how websites are optimized.
  • Consider the language and ideas used to connect with the audience.
  • All of these elements are now SEO Marketing factors.

People want information fast because they are always on the move. They need websites and content that can load quickly and provide what they are looking for easily.
The future of SEO lies in understanding the deeper layers of desires and aspirations that drive user intent and behavior.

SEO professionals are now magicians who need to empathize with humans and understand psychology in order to successfully provide a complete search strategy.
Considering what the target audience will actually find and forcing them to interact with the brand and product to fully engage the audience.

The Future of SEO: What SEO & Marketing Pros Need to Understand

The SEO profession can strive to be able to advance the consumer journey and improve the various marketing objectives.
Furthermore, understanding race differences, different consumer values, and the ultimate goal of consumers can help SEO partnerships with other marketing sectors in creating a buyer’s journey and creating brand awareness.

However, once someone lands on a website, it takes a great deal of intelligence for consumers to stay engaged, and stay loyal to the brand and product.

How a website gets a brand message to consumers can help or hinder marketing efforts.
This difference is where SEO professionals need to get creative and think beyond the search volume and target keywords. They will also need to coordinate human behavior and look at the bigger business picture in order to implement the strategy.

Understanding that the searcher can only see what he believes in and find only what he knows creates a new digital disconnection that cannot simply describe the searcher’s experiences and statistics.
Brands need to know who they are talking to and what they are trying to convey.

The future of SEO should consider value-driven awareness

Brands need to be valued and targeted to appeal to people, especially the younger generation.
Without brand awareness and a strong message, people will not be encouraged to visit the site, engage on social channels, click through to the site, or learn more about the company.
Marketers need to understand the target audience and the reason behind these actions. The approach will become everything to use the user’s mind, desires, and needs.

Psychology teaches us that we create our reality through the lens of our brain. You need to understand:

  • Consumer needs
  • What drives them?
  • What is the reason for their search?
  • Their unconsciousness
  • Their desires and values ​​that govern their behavior.
  • This is key to having long-term followers and making an impact online.
  • Because without being able to communicate through a website, good content and quality branding, you won’t win long-term followers or build brand equity.
  • Thus, the future of SEO requires marketers:
  • Consider the brand as a whole.
  • Understand how they can sell a message to the right audience.
  • Educate consumers and get seen in the right channels.
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6 Easy Tips for Better Mobile SEO

I would say that for any company that wants to re-develop its website, its important mobile is high on the list of priorities.These are 6 Easy Tips for Better Mobile SEO

A recent study released by Google and Nelson researchers found that users spend more than 15 hours each week using a mobile device. It has also been found that smartphone users start researching products through a search engine instead of going to a site and doing research through a mobile device, 93% of purchases.

It is now clear to the majority of people that mobile devices are becoming the primary way to access the Internet, so I will not give you the same old statistics that are found all over the web. 

1. Mobile first

Now it is important to use the first approach of mobile for better mobile SEO. This is because Google is planning to make the final mobile first crawl switch by the end of 2020. Basically, search engines will use the mobile version of your content to rank the pages of your site.

6 Easy Tips for Better Mobile SEO

To continue ranking, you will need mobile friendly design and mobile SEO  content. Otherwise, you will find that your site suffers from a low ranking.

Don’t know how to crawl Google’s first mobile app? Want to make sure your site is mobile friendly?

2.Responsive web design

One of the reasons why it is important to think mobile first is that if you choose to go down the proposed route to a responsible site, then it is important to think about how the content is being delivered.

The response is improving all the time, but one of the initial problems with this technology was the loading times, especially with regard to mobile. This is because many sites are built for desktop models and although the mobile device cannot load everything on the on-screen, there is a lot of time to load the entire contents of the entire desktop in the background. ۔

6 Easy Tips for Better Mobile SEO

Indeed. This has resulted in slow load times, affecting your bottom line, which is revenue. If a site doesn’t load quickly (within 30 seconds) the viewer will leave and the sale will end. Google recommends responsive responsive design for mobile / cross-platform sites, which in itself is a good reason to adopt it. Offering dynamic services can take care of potential speed issues and a good developer will be able to accomplish this.

3.Maximum mobile capacity

This means that it is important to make sure that your site is well-built and fast, otherwise everything else is just a waste of time. Going forward, however, we’ll look at the mobile SEO  and how best sites can be optimized to perform better.

6 Easy Tips for Better Mobile SEO

When planning a site, the right thing to do is to put things at the top of the list. If you’ve ever wasted any time on the buttons pressing unexpectedly on your mobile anytime, because they’re so small, or you’re picking and scrolling your way, you know How annoying it must be. Mobile should be carefully planned with the user in mind and this means:

An excellent user interface

  • Button / clicking area that can be easily clicked with the thumb
  • Strengthen call to action at the top of the pages
  • Limited forms and input fields

The more work you give a mobile user to do, the less likely they are to buy out of sheer frustration.
Common issues with mobile websites include:

  • Bad redirects
  • Smartphone 404s
  • Cross linking

4. Mobile landing pages

It should be different from the desktop landing page and preferably minimal. As mentioned, a strong CTA should appear at the top of the page. This (and often) can be a ‘call us’ button, so anyone who searches your business locally can call when they’re out and you know if you need them. Need or not.

Think of the hummingbird when thinking of keywords. Google’s biggest algorithm change was designed to work with search at a more conversational level, and as smartphones use voice search, this is something that is increasingly important.

6 Easy Tips for Better Mobile SEO

This means that for SEO, it is better to use more natural phrases, such as: ‘Where is the nearest cinema’, instead of using a few keywords or two-word phrases. Think about how people actually speak, and if in doubt, say it out loud. It’s amazing how unnatural things sound when you tell them, instead of just writing them down.

It is also helpful to think about the use of contractions, such as:

  • Where is it instead?
  • Can’t instead
  • Don’t do

5. Location, location, location

If your business is one that relies on local people, then make sure you use local SEO. Sign up with Google Places, make sure you get reviews and that your business uses local web directories.

Need to know how to use local SEO to improve your site? Not sure where to start? Check out our guide:

6. Analysis and testing

It is important to note at this point that going mobile SEO first does not mean that you should ignore the desktop site. This is when we need to approach the web and how we market and design it comprehensively with each scenario in mind.

This means doing a lot of testing before keeping your site up and running. You can use A / B testing, which means you can understand how efficient each design is. These can be very similar, but use different CTAs and layouts to find out which aspects of each design users like best.

6 Easy Tips for Better Mobile SEO

In Google Analytics, you can track mobile and therefore understand how your visitors are using the site differently when they do it on a desktop. For example, what content do they access on mobile? What kind of device are they accessing information on?

You can also create a new goal in analytics to really measure how mobile users are accessing and using your site. Goals will depend on what type of site / business you have. If you have an e-commerce site, it will be easier to exchange ideas in theory than if you are a service-led company that does not sell specific products at the same price.

You can still set them up to measure your CTA, even though it’s just a matter of telling Google what you want to measure. For example, you can set a goal and conversions every time you click the ‘Call Us’ button to see how effective it is.

To draw conclusions

Mobile should not be ignored and those who do so will be eliminated. There are plenty of opportunities if you are developing a new site, especially when you consider that only 28% of businesses worldwide have responsive sites.

This means that the business that gets it right and creates a mobile desktop experience for the user without letting the competition down.

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List of The Top 05 Search Engines

Here is a list of the top 05  search engines on the web that you can use to perform online searches.

Everyone knows about Google. It has simply surpassed the image of being a search engine and has made a name for itself in the digital space. Millions of people visit it daily for the information they are looking for.

But have you ever wondered what other search engines can help you find anything like Google? There are many alternatives to Google when it comes to search engines, they all come with their own features.

Here, we present to you a list of all the search engines that you can use to gain new experience in your internet search. Should check up
List of search engines


This search engine does not require an introduction. It is the most used search engine globally, with over 3 billion searches per day. Google is a search engine that can be accessed from any device, and with over one trillion resources, provides the most comprehensive search results.

List of The Top 05 Search Engines

It has become a highly respected search engine for business, as it has a ranking algorithm that significantly affects how many clicks a website records. It uses a range of sophisticated algorithms and carefully uses analytics to present users with the most accurate results for their search.


YouTube, launched in 2005 as an independent platform, was bought by Google just over a year later. As a result, Google Video is also the largest search engine. YouTube caters to 1.5 billion login users each month, with more than 1 billion hours of content added to the platform daily.

List of The Top 05 Search Engines


Yahoo is close to Google. It is the world’s largest email service provider, behind Google’s Gmail. However, Yahoo’s search engine is also a huge player in its domain. With an average market share of 2% in search engines, Yahoo is the third most popular search engine in the world.

List of The Top 05 Search Engines

The search engine, though, has been a partnership between Bing and Google. Yahoo! Search provided search services to Google from 2015 to 2018, and is still exclusively powered by Bing. The web portal offered by Yahoo is still very popular among users and is the 11th most visited website in the world. operates primarily in the form of question and answer, which is search engine friendly. Users can ask questions on this platform, which are mostly answered by other users, and others are answered in the form of a pool.

List of The Top 05 Search Engines

Search functionality is generally where lags behind other search engines. Its question / answer format allows users to find answers to their questions. There is a big focus. But it still has a 0.42% share of the search engine market share


Launched in 1995, Amazon is a true leader in running e-commerce platforms and is also an Internet company. The company has become so successful that it is competing with Google for product searches.

List of The Top 05 Search Engines

In 2020, Amazon captured more than 70% of search results for online shopping. This e-commerce giant is only going to grow with time, and it is also going to be a relevant player in the search engine market.

To draw conclusions

Search engines not only play a key role in helping consumers find what they are looking for, but also drive business growth around the world.

The existence of different search engines can set a competitive stage for them, but their purpose is the same – to present the results of what the user is looking for. And most of all, consumers look for products and services. Therefore, businesses need to be consistent with their search engine domain knowledge, so that they can increase their presence in search engine results in order to capture more users.

A professional SEO company like  ODM Solution can help a business not only increase its presence but also rank higher on search engines to establish domain dominance.

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7 Key Benefits of Local SEO

Digital marketing services are now broad in terms of niche and accessibility. Various agencies now offer specialized SEO services such as penalty retrieval, backlinks, local SEO services, SEO content and even highlight snippets. However, have you ever wondered what could be the reason for this shift?

Well, the reason is that many SEO agencies have their own expertise in any field. Businesses choose to work with a number of agencies where they specialize. Sometimes, one particular agency will take care of their SEO, while another can look after social media or paid channels.
One such niche channel that has been growing rapidly over the years is local SEO. You may already know what ‘SEO’ is and how it has helped your business grow significantly. You will find many SEO studies on the internet that show how SEO has helped businesses grow in terms of visibility and revenue.

7 Key Benefits of Local SEO

Similarly, let us know if you have a small cafe, restaurant, photocopy shop, or car garage with a physical business space, you should choose local SEO services. You may be wondering why they should choose a local SEO service. Okay, we’ll explain the benefits of local SEO in detail, but for now let’s enlighten our new readers about what local SEO is.
Simply put, local SEO is about improving the search visibility of a business that operates in a local area. Better exposure means more engagement and more revenue.

Now, let’s go back to understanding what are the benefits of local SEO? In India, the scale of the Internet is growing at a level never seen before. We are all aware of the impact of Geo, and while fueling the engine, China has started exporting high-end smartphones to India at affordable prices that will suit every budget. Also, the number of search queries related to local search has skyrocketed. 88% of all mobile phone queries are related to local search. Therefore, your business must have an online presence

List of local SEO benefits

Easy listing

Google My Business has made it much easier to list your business online, and it’s free, replacing all other local directories.
Increase exposure
When you list your business online, it will appear that any user in your local area will search for it. This will improve your visibility in Google Maps and local search results. Such as You run a medical shop, and someone around you needs an emergency kit. He then searches for “Medical near me” or “Medical shop.” Google will list all the medical shops around you and show their results in 3 packets. Since your business is already listed, you can expect your listing to appear in 3 packs.

Rating and review

Quality ratings and reviews make your business more reliable and trustworthy. At the same time, search engines consider your rankings and analytics higher than other rankings.

7 Key Benefits of Local SEO

Compete with other local businesses

If you provide quality products or services and you improve your business listing better than your competitors. As a result, you’re more likely to appear in searches that relate to your business in local search results.

Getting new customers and retaining customers

Listing can get you to as many potential users as possible. Because you’re already providing quality products or services, and you also have good ratings and reviews, people are more likely to come back to you for shopping than others.

High conversion rate

Tell us you run a small bakery or tour operator business. Someone did a local search for “bakery near me” or “tour operator near me” and found your list. Since you have entered your contact number in the business listing, they will call you and ask you to provide some bakery products at a specific address or to book a ticket for a specific destination. By giving searchers direct access to your contact details, you’ve successfully turned a local search query into a successful purchase.

Business reputation

You can have potential access to your surroundings and earn a lot of money with the help of local SEO. However, they will remember how you treat your customers. Therefore, earning and maintaining the reputation of the business will also affect the growth of your business.

Local SEO is all about having more visibility for your business that serves in a local area, regardless of what business you are in. Business owners can entice, engage, and experiment with their potential customers by providing the best offers and taking maximum advantage of their business listing.

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5 Social Media Trends to Follow in 2020

In this article, you will learn about the importance of 5 Social Media Trends to follow in 2020. As the social media game evolves and changes, it’s important that your performance metrics do so too.

Over the last decade, the importance of social media grew to become a crucial part of every business’s marketing strategy. It’s easy to know why: a study from We Are Social found that worldwide there are 3.8 billion people that use social media in 2020, a variety that grows per annum.
Streaming into multifaceted platforms, social media forms a part of the roots for engagement with both millennials and Gen-Z communities.
With this decade coming to an in-depth and therefore the next one beginning, it’s important to reflect and understand the important social media trends for businesses that are on the horizon.
We all know by now that social media is an efficient thanks to engaging and make lasting relationships with our audience. But now’s the time to redefine previous success into future strategies for continued growth and engagement.

social media marketing

Read on to seek out out what’s trending in social media in 2020 and better understand the evolving landscape Rising Social Media Trends in 2020
Social media may be a dynamic and highly interactive medium. It’s not surprising that the opportunities available to spice up engagement together with your audience will still grow because the medium itself evolves.
However, 2020 is starting to see shifts to previous trends that, though small, can create a lasting impact on your campaigns.
As marketers manage new social media projects and campaigns, it’s important to integrate the rising social media trends into their efforts so as to still have success.
Here are five trends to remember as you formulate and revamp your social media strategies this year:

1. Selling Socially = Personalization

Personalization may be a trend that has been on the marketing landscape for years now but continues to point out opportunities for growth in terms of the social media landscape.
When you’re selling your brand socially, it’s important to customize your content to the relevant target segment.
This is clearly seen within the case of social media ads. Platforms like Facebook provide advanced targeting and customization features for ad campaigns.
How are you able to specialize in personalizing the proper way for your customers? Do your research. you’ll begin by reading abreast of the simplest marketing tactics then apply it to your target segment.
With the trend of social commerce on the increase, your audience thrives on consuming media that’s specifically built for them. It forms a part of the customer experience they appear forward to having.
By increasing their visibility to your brand on social platforms through personalization, you grant them a frictionless experience that will show them you care.

2. Instagram Hides Likes

Instagram is one of the foremost popular social media platforms out there. Whether you’re looking to urge more followers or create a singular brand profile for your business, it’s a medium that you simply cannot overlook.
It’s no secret that the likes act features a huge indicator for engagement with a post, especially for brands that measure the effectiveness of engagement on Instagram.
However, Instagram has made likes less of a prominent feature. Users will not be ready to view the likes on other Instagram posts, only their own.
The reason for this? it’s to try to to with the growing awareness of psychological state, particularly with reference to online mediums.

Instagram wants to detach from the stigma related to likes being a measure of recognition and validation. Fake likes also can paint a misleading picture for brands who might think they need a wider reach with their audience.

You might be wondering how this may impact your social media marketing plans. to start with, you and other brand influencers and marketers will need to find new ways to live your outreach and success on Instagram. If likes are removed, on what basis will you assess audience engagement?
You could consider, for instance, investing in Instagram Ads as an alternate measure to trace your ROI on the platform. However, this may depend upon your social media marketing budget.
It’s likely that as Instagram makes this move, other popular social media channels may choose an equivalent. to regulate to the present feature, it’s an honest idea to consider new ways to innovate and transform your engagements on these platforms.

Pro tip: regardless of the changes, always remember the importance of storytelling. you’ll maintain a connected and positive engagement together with your audience if you humanize your brand. The likes will still stream in, just in several ways!

3. Evolving Performance Metrics

As the social media game evolves and changes, it’s important that your performance metrics do so too.
For example, as seen with the scenario of Instagram hiding likes, social media is clearly venturing toward a broader space of ditching vanity metrics.
This is a sign to all or any social media marketers and influencers to rethink their metrics and specialize in more actionable ones. What other metrics are often employed to reflect the standard of engagement, not the quantity?
you want to be a neighborhood of.

5 social media trend to follow in 2020

Focusing on factors like audience demographics, collecting more focused engagement insights, and understanding data to raised target potential customers should be the end-result of this trend.
A good idea would be to re-evaluate the social media platforms you leverage in your strategy also. for instance, if you would like to show the tide and focus more on video content, you would possibly give more weightage to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, or finally start a TikTok channel.

Metrics like lead generation can reflect the ROI for your social media campaigns more accurately. This trend is going to be a turnaround for all marketers.
The message is clear: out with the vanity metrics, in with actionable results.

4. Video: Still the longer term of Content

Video content has been on the increase for an extended time on all social media platforms.
Whether you’re brooding about short TikToks or Instagram Stories, or more long-form content like IGTV, Facebook Live, or YouTube, video content wins in terms of captivating the audience and retaining them.
In fact, consistent with a study done by Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all content online is going to be video.

TikTok also holds a huge opportunity for brands targeting the Gen-Z crowd. With over 1.5 billion users on the platform, it’s a tremendous space to interact with a younger crowd by employing humor and redefining strategies that will cause you to more relatable to them.
Meanwhile, Socialbakers data shows that there’s still an excellent cost-to-engagement ratio for marketers using Facebook’s video feeds and instream video.
If you’re not already creating videos, it’s time to leap on the bandwagon and make it an integral part of your content strategy.

Remember: personalization goes an extended way. confirm the content you set out there’s relatable and catchy to the audience you’re targeting. Personalizing your content will raise the bars for this particular trend and may increase social media traffic significantly.

5. Niche Platforms Will Grow

The social media kings that we are all conscious of our Facebook and Instagram. But others like LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even newer platforms like TikTok aren’t to be ignored.
LinkedIn may be a popular niche platform among B2B marketers who wish to make lasting business connections. TikTok and Snapchat are budding engagement platforms for marketers getting to engage with a way younger crowd. If done right, it can go an extended way.
These platforms reflect a hot trend in itself. People are migrating faraway from more public and traditional spaces to platforms with specific communities and focused attention on them.
It’s important for brands to explore these niches so as to make new connections with their audiences and strengthen their existing ones. Building brand communities during this regard are vital.
Using the proper social media marketing platform can make an enormous difference together with your audience and branding goals.

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What is the standard size of a solar panel?

Here’s a guide to understanding the quality dimensions of solar panels, including what is the standard size of a solar panel?

If you’re brooding about covering your house or garage with solar panels, or maybe building a solar pergola, you’ll want to understand something about solar array sizes.
This article will specialise in the primary question, but also mention how dimensions and cell count affects power output.

First of all, the dimensions of a solar photovoltaic panel for residential use varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but they’re commonly around 39 inches wide by 65 inches long, give or take an in. or two. they’re going to also usually have 60 individual solar cells and have an output of anywhere from 250 watts to 350 watts or more.
There are a couple of more details to elucidate , like the difference between 60 cell and 72 cell panels. There also are solar panels for various applications, like motorhomes and enormous utility-scale installations. this text will cover these intimately .

standard size of a solar panel

Solar panel dimensions by type

There are tons of solar array sizes available to suit a good sort of applications.
You can get small solar panels to mount on your motorhome or boat. They even are available flexible form factors, which you’ll easily take with you camping if you would like electricity but don’t need a generator.
Smaller solar panels for camping, RVs, boats, etc.

If you read the article on RV solar panels, you’ll know that there are smaller solar panels that are compact enough to suit nicely on the roof of a motorhome or boat, including flexible panels which will be glued in situ .
But albeit they’re marketed for RVs, you’ll use these solar panels for any number of applications. Got a garage or shed that doesn’t have wiring, but you would like electricity to run some lights? Stick a panel thereon so you’ll charge a deep cycle battery.

There are three common sizes for little solar panels: 50 watt, 100 watt, and 160 watt. confine mind standard size of a solar panel that these wattages are approximate, so you would possibly find 150, 160, or 175 watt panels.
Here’s what the standard dimensions of those panels are. like all the panels listed during this article, the width and height can vary by a couple of inches:Flexible solar panels tend to vary a touch more in their sizes, so don’t be surprised if you discover panels with dimensions that differ from this table.

Solar panels for homes, commercial, and industrial uses

Polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels are available two size categories. Residential panels normally use the smaller size, while commercial and industrial installations usually use the larger size.
The size nearly always corresponds with the cell count: 60 cell panels are smaller, while 72 cell panels are the larger size for commercial and industrial uses.
There are exceptions to the present , however – SunPower being a notable one. SunPower 96 cell panels are about an equivalent size as other manufacturers’ 60 cell designs. the rationale for this is often that SunPower uses smaller individual solar cells

What does cell count in solar panels mean?

The cell count affects the output voltage of the panel. The individual solar cells inside a panel are wired together serial , which causes the voltages of the individual cells to be added up. this suggests that 72 cell panels will have a better voltage than a 60 cell panel.
For the typical homeowner who has solar panels installed on their home, this isn’t something to stress about. Your installer will choose an appropriate inverter to handle the voltage from your system.

cell count in solar panel:standard size of solar panel

It does interest the DIY solar user who is building a photovoltaic system. for instance , if you would like to charge a 12 volt battery, you would like to form sure that the nominal voltage of your panel is a minimum of 12 volts also . the small print can get a touch technical, but the video below does an honest job of explaining it.

What is the dimensions of a private solar cell?

Solar cells are available two sizes:
125mm x 125mm (5 inch)
156mm x 156mm (6 inche)

Most solar manufacturers are using 6 inch cells, with one notable exception being SunPower. for instance , the 96 cell SunPower panels use smaller 5 inch cells, which explains why their panels are an equivalent dimension as 60 cell panels from other companies.
This does mean SunPower panels have higher voltages, but again, this is often something that the majority homeowners don’t got to worry about because their installer will select compatible  equipment

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Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: Which is that the Best

If you want to learn more about how you can help your business grow with effective Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing tips

There is a scary amount of individuals who don’t know where to start out with marketing. With the mass influx of data on the web today, it are often quite overwhelming deciding what techniques to use to succeed in your customers.
And choosing to neglect marketing altogether may be a huge no-no.
So, what marketing techniques can small businesses invest in to extend the traffic their business receives? Well, that starts with identifying the various sorts of marketing that are available.
Surprisingly, there are really only two sorts of marketing out there today.
And that’s inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

difference between inbound marketing and outbound market

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

You may or might not already be conversant in a number of the methods of every .
For example, outbound marketing techniques include TV, radio, trade shows, and therefore the infamous outbound sales calls. These are all traditional methods that are utilized in marketing for years.
Inbound marketing techniques on the opposite hand include program optimization, Ebooks, and even blogs like this one.
But which one may be a simpler method of attracting leads?
To answer this, we’ve to require a better check out each sort of marketing and the way they will provide value to your business.
Seeing as no two businesses are an equivalent , it’s important to spot what means of selling YOUR business can specifically use to get the foremost traffic.
As workplace who’s generated many hits while testing billboards, blogging, cold calling, and social media, we’re no stranger to the functions of both inbound and outbound marketing methods.
In this blog, we’ll highlight the key attributes to every method and ultimately, assist you decide which route is best for your business.

What Is Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing is that the set actions you set into place that help usher in results in you. More simply put, it’s once you are pitching value before sales. and typically you’re coming from an area of high value.
This method allows your results in study what your business has got to offer and therefore the value you’ll provide before you are trying to sell them on anything.
Imagine you’re a customer within the market of shopping for a replacement car.
When you first walk into a dealership or maybe do research online, you don’t need a bunch of latest car ads being thrown in your face.
Maybe you don’t want to shop for a car today, but you are doing want to understand the difference within the engines, the technology, the features, and anything that you simply want during a car.

Your purpose of car shopping today isn’t to truly purchase a car, but to find out more about the choices you’ve got available. this is often so you’ll make the simplest decision on what vehicle is true for you. After all, a car may be a big purchase.
Then maybe within the future, if a specific business has provided you with enough value on the cars you’re trying to find , you’ll attend them when you’re finally able to buy a car.
As a business owner, you would like to satisfy your customers where they’re . meaning going with the flow of their needs and identifying what’s important to them.
So they might not be looking to get today but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to get within the future.

On the opposite hand, outbound marketing is that the opposite.

Inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

Outbound Marketing
Outbound marketing is just once you are selling before providing value. you’re promoting a purchase at the very beginning of an interaction with a lead.
Usually, with outbound marketing you’re coming from an area of need as against value.
Let’s imagine that very same car scenario.
Imagine you’re within the market to shop for a replacement car. However, this point it’s more of an urgent need because your old car broke down on you latterly and you’ve got no transportation.
In this instance, a car salesman trying to sell you a car would be an honest thing because you’re actively looking to shop for a replacement car.
And on the flip side, this is often a win for the car salesman because they’re encouraging the sale of a product a customer needs.

In short, if your product fulfills a robust desire or need, then you’ll likely earn their business.
Anytime your consumers have a drag , you would like to be ready to solve that problem. That’s how you build connections and convert leads into customers.
So, we’ve covered the essential definitions of inbound and outbound marketing and checked out a scenario where either are often used.

That’s because it’s all about how you employ the channels. In some situations, social media are often used as effective outbound marketing. And other outbound methods are often used as inbound methods also .
For example, Facebook may be a massive social media platform. many users are on Facebook and lots of businesses are too.
But if you’re only posting about how “your business” can help them then you’re really doing outbound marketing.
This is because you’re trying to sell your business before providing value to your leads. If you discover your business page mainly consisting of “Buy Now” ads, then this is often a key sign that you’re performing outbound marketing.